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M3 Bailbonds is a fully licensed bail bond provider made up of a team of experienced and compassionate bail bond surety agents located throughout the state of Connecticut. With surety agents spread throughout the state we are able to dispatch the appropriate agent depending on the location of the defendant.
We have experience managing a wide variety of cases ranging from misdemeanor to felony charges.
Upon being arrested, contact us any day and anytime for a free consultation.

Why Choose us?

Our local bail bondsmen are available 24/7 for express service, no matter the location.

We offer interest-free payment plans making bailing out a loved one more affordable.
Our team works closely with local law enforcement agencies in an effort to secure the offender’s release.

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Arrest and Bail Process

Once an offender has been taken into custody by law enforcement he or she will be transported for booking. Booking is the administration process following an arrest. After following the filing of official charges, there are 3 typical scenarios by CT state law:

-The offender can be released with a written notice to appear in court.

-The offender remains in custody until released on bail.

-The offender will be arraigned in court and judgment set.

Types of bonds are decided by local law enforcement, a judge, or bail commissioner contingent upon the circumstance of the arrest. In some instances, a PTA may be issued. A PTA (promise to appear) is a written agreement stating the defendant will be released without posting or pledging any monies but on the condition that he or she will appear for all court appearances. If a PTA is not issued, a specified bond amount which is called a cash or surety bond will be allocated. Individuals have the option of posting bond themselves or through a bail bonds surety agency. If a surety bond is chosen, a bondsman is needed to secure release.

After posting bond, an arraignment date will be set by the court. If transported directly from the police station, the individual will appear in court the next business day for arraignment. There, the defendant will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. In most cases, the defendant is advised to plea “not guilty”, allowing a pre-trial hearing date to be set. The judge will then set a bond.

What is the cost of bail?

The State of Connecticut sets bail bond fees and bail bondsmen are required by law to charge that exact amount. Bail bond fees are as follows:

10% of the first $5,000

7% of anything greater than $5,000

Although M3 Bail Bonds cannot charge less, we offer interest-free payments to help you afford getting your love one out of lock up.

We accept varying forms of payment including cash, credit card, certified checks, Venmo, cash app, and Zelle.